Live Training: Create an Search Optimized Content Cluster by Sarah Moon

Live Training: Create an Search Optimized Content Cluster

Dec. 2 @ 10:30am Pacific

Are you struggling to get visitors to your website and establish authority for your brand?
Then you need some content clusters! Originally a workshop for our May 2020 Ungross Marketing Members, this is a new live training that includes supporting documents and the chance to get your questions answered live with Kath and Sarah.

What You'll Learn

It all starts with a plan! Too many content marketers struggle because they skip this crucial step. We'll teach you how.

It's crucial to strategically select the hubs in your website content and it's a delicate balance. We'll show you how to pick the best topics!

You don't just need a website—you need authority. Learn how a laser-focused cluster will prove that you're the expert your audience needs.

What's included?

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Video Training
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Content Cluster Prompts Checklist
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Content Cluster Plan Checklist
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Content Clusters "Ultimate Guide" Pillar Post Outline Template
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What's included?

This is a live training, so you're receive access to participate in that, plus bonus documents and cheat sheets. The biggest value, however, is the opportunity to ask questions of Sarah and Kath, which you don't get when watching a replay!

It seems like joining the membership is a better deal.

Yes, it is! We will be running popular components of the membership live and/or as replays for people for whom an ongoing subscription is not an ideal option. If you have questions about whether an a la carte webinar replay or membership is better for you, reach out at 

Who is this webinar for?

Any service-based business or consultant type pro who provides services to other people. If you run a bricks and mortar store, it may also be helpful to you, though the webinar was presented with a different audience in mind. 

What's your refund policy?

All digital products at are non-refundable. By making a purchase, you are acknowledging acceptance of this policy. 

If you have a technical issue, reach out to our team at and we'll help you get pointed in the right direction.

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Reach out at and Josh will take care of you.

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