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Intro + Tech Info
How to Use Your Member Dashboard
4 mins
Member Bonus: Newsletter Sign Up & Unsubscribe Sequences Walkthroughs - Aug 2020
Newsletter Sign Up Sequence - A step by step walkthrough
15 mins
Newsletter Unsubscribe Sequence - A step by step walkthrough
8 mins
Member Bonus: Keyword Research Crash Course
Intro: Keyword Research for the Real World 🗝
7 mins
Demo: Keyword Themes + Using Your Spreadsheet
7 mins
Keywords Everywhere
Using Google Keyword Planner + Moz
10 mins
Google Keyword Planner
Using Your Keyword Mapping Cheat Sheet
9 mins
Keyword Mapping Spreadsheet.xlsx
5.29 KB
Potential Keywords.xlsx
5.12 KB
Schema Markup Generator Tool
September 2020: Mastering Your Five Page Guide Lead Magnet
Workshop Replay: Mastering Your Five Page Lead Magnet
37 mins
Workshop Replay: Q&A Session
26 mins
Slide Deck: Mastering Your Five Page Guide Lead Magnet
3.85 MB
Coworking Replay: 5 page mini guide as opt in.mp4
35 mins
Slide Deck: Coworking - 5 Page Mini Guide as Opt in
3.73 MB
Example: Kath's Mini Guide: 2 Secret Hardworking Pages You Need on your Squarespace Website
6.43 MB
August 2020: Easy-Win List Building
Workshop Replay: Easy-Win List Building
(1h 07m 34s)
Slide Deck: Easy-Win List Building
4.23 MB
Coworking Replay: Easy Win List Building Tactics
60 mins
Slide Deck: Coworking - Easy Win List Building Tactics
1.21 MB
July 2020: The Power of Qs & As
Workshop Replay: Unleash the Power of Q&As!
38 mins
Workshop Replay: Q&A Session
44 mins
Slide Deck: Unleash the Power of Q&As
3.15 MB
FAQ Schema for Squarespace
9 mins
FAQ Schema for WordPress
5 mins
Coworking Replay: Research 'Real' Questions for Your FAQ Post
(1h 16m 12s)
Slide Deck: Coworking FAQ Research Process
1.68 MB
June 2020: Pillar Posts
Workshop Replay: Pillar Posts Strategy + Structure
48 mins
Q&A: Pillar Posts
31 mins
Slide Deck: Pillar Posts
4.6 MB
Generating How To Schema
17 mins
Tutorial: Adding Schema to Squarespace
3 mins
Tutorial: Adding Schema to WordPress
4 mins
Tutorial: Google Search Console - Request indexing for new blog posts
3 mins
Coworking Replay: Outlining and Writing Pillar Posts + Q & A
(1h 01m 00s)
Slide Deck: Outline/Writing Pillar Posts Process
2.21 MB
May 2020: Content Clusters
Workshop Replay: Content Clusters
43 mins
Q&A: Content Clusters
19 mins
Slide Deck: Content Clusters
4.47 MB
Content Cluster Worksheet
36 KB
Content Cluster Plan Checklist
31.6 KB
Content Clusters Mini-Guide
97.3 KB
Copy-able Content Cluster Mindmap
Coworking Replay: Content Clusters + Q & A
(1h 01m 12s)
Slide Deck: Content Clusters Research / Prep (Coworking Session)
2.57 MB