(REPLAY) Live Training: Keyword Research the Easy Way by Sarah Moon
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(REPLAY) Live Training: Keyword Research the Easy Way


Does the idea of keyword research terrify you? Think it's way to complicated for a layperson to do? Think again!  In this "crash course" live workshop—including a Q&A with Sarah and Kath—we'll explore how you (yes, you!) can do your own keyword research and find the right terms to be more competitive in Google searches!   
Enrollment is closed

What You'll Learn

Where do you even start with keywords? We'll show you how to seed keywords and find ones that you can actually rank for. Stop trying to beat the big guys and build your own authority in Google!

There are good and bad keywords—and it all depends on your understand your audience's intentions and matching keywords to those intentions. You'll learn all about this important connection!

Overwhelmed with where you can even find your keywords? Don't worry—we've got you! We'll show you the tools you can use to discover your keywords. Plus, get the exact keyword mapping template we use for clients!

Go Beyond the Basics

"I'm so glad I bought [the workshop]. Just wanted to let you know that the workshop exceeded my expectations. I've done a few SEO workshop/seminars over the years and it's hard to find something that goes beyond the basics."
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I have a store—will this help me?

We will not cover store-specific keywords, but if you have a content marketing plan (you should!) for your store, it will still be useful!

What do I need to join the live workshop?

Just high speed internet! Upon signing up, you'll be sent a link to also register for the live component of the workshop. It's dead simple—promise!

What if I can't make the live session?

No worries! We upload the complete replay ASAP for you to watch. You'll also have access to all the materials referenced and can answer questions within the webinar app before the live broadcast. 

Do I need a Squarespace site?

This workshop is for everyone, regardless of platform! 

Do I need to know how to code?


I'm a website designer, will this help me?

It depends on your knowledge and confidence with keyword research—we're gearing this workshop towards the absolute newbie. 

What about content strategy?

We'll touch on this too, but your best bet is to join our membership community or take our content clusters workshop as a foundation. 

Will this go in-depth with exactly where to put my keywords?

We'll speak to that in a general level, but not in-depth. Our October and November workshops will be focused on using the keywords you uncover. 

I have more questions!

Cool! Email Josh at SM+Co and he'll help you out! Contact him at shop@sarahmoon.net.

Workshop Contents

Workshop Replay
Workshop Replay & Q+A
(1h 44m 42s)
Workshop Materials
Workshop Slides
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Worksheet: Conversion Goals Chart
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Seed Keywords Spreadsheet
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Potential Keywords Spreadsheet
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Keyword Mapping Spreadsheet
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Bonus Tutorials!
Accessing Google Keyword Planner
6 mins
Case Study: Searcher Intent for Meal Planning Service
12 mins
Moz Tutorial (for Pros)
Intro to Moz
3 mins
Useful Links + Tools
Google Keyword Planner
Moz's Free Domain Analysis Tool
Keywords Everywhere
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